Thursday, July 7, 2011

Six Pack Of See Saw

God's Perpetual Motion See Saw
A Six-pack
Here's a six-pak...
Imagine it as the size of a football field and each machine is the size of a ferris wheel. This could be stacked atop each other...the sky's the limit!
Note the generators at either end of the assembly.
All the machines shown here share a common generator shaft and would be timed and tuned to appropriate individual phases for optimum efficiency and smoothest operation exactly as you find on an in-line six cylinder gasoline or diesel engine.
The entire structure can be enclosed in a soundproof building that will also protect it from the elements and allow for creating an environment of raining lubrication...sort of like a sprinkler system with oil.

This is not to say that it would not work right now. It is not known yet and even if it did work, it may not be efficient enough to warrant the cost to manufacture...but, the power output, being that it depends on the ratio between the weights and the amount of friction that is needed to be overcome, will make it so that as lubricants get better, and as the weights can be made heavier per volume and the moving parts can be made lighter per volume and strength, there will come remarkable progress. Nano technology, currently on the world's scientific drawing board, may be the ticket.
More recently...I decided that building God's Perpetual Motion See Saw and using outside energy to make it run would be an excellent way to see what improvements need to be made to it so as to learn how to make it run on its wheels! to speak
Thank you
Don Jyovi Saraswati Di Morgese

The vision for God's Perpetual Motion See Saw came way back in 1982 during a meditation.

God's Perpetual Motion See Saw behind a Home Depot near Atlanta Georgia back in 1996.

A 3-d version of God's Perpetual Motion See Saw